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About 7 in 10 distributors face pressure from clients to develop sustainable warehousing practices. Navigating through multiple shortages, sustainable warehousing offers a chance to reduce wasteful labor, mitigate paper-based errors, and protect the environment with energy-efficient technologies. When designing a sustainable system, consider optimizing:

Warehouse Location
System Design
Operational Challenges
Maintenance Schedules
Technology Updates

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Buildings consume 41% of U.S. energy. Maximize agile adaptability with automation made for the dynamic supply chain.

Reduce the number of deployed peripheral devices

E-waste makes up about 70% of all toxic waste. Consolidate disparate workflows such as team communication, task assignment, and data capture versatile handheld devices to reduce the number of deployed – and later disposed of – devices.

Protect real-time inventory monitoring

Food waste alone results in millions of dollars thrown out each year. By tracking inventory status in real-time, businesses can prevent spoilage and misplacements that later end up thrown away. Real-time visibility also prevents overstocking of unnecessary items, thus decreasing storage costs.

Optimize truck loading and routing

With fuel prices continuously rising, distributors cannot afford to run half-empty truckloads. Intelligent pack solutions minimize space in the truck while connecting drivers with administrators for quick rerouting updates.

Upgrade devices intelligently

Whether through trade-ins or device rentals, Heartland connects you with next-generation devices while ensuring legacy systems are properly retired and/or disposed of.

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